Mental Health has become a more popular topic in recent years, especially in communities of color.  We have observed this trend in connection to some the media, entertainers who are opening up about their mental health, and growing numbers of professionals of color in the field.  

Dr. Smedley believes in the importance of asking for help.  It is sometimes the very antithesis of our culture, however, none of us has successfully survived this life without needing help.  

Dr. Smedley currently accepts CareFirst/Blue Cross Blue Shield.  

Fees per session start at $170-225.  

If you have an insurance carrier that is not in network, Dr. Smedley is happy to provide a superbill; a superbill is essentially a "medical receipt" for services which you can submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement.  You can call your insurance carrier ahead of time and ask about your out-of-network benefits for service codes 90791, 90837, and 90834.

Training/Speaking Engagements

Smedley Psychological Services believes in empowering and educating members of the community and other professionals about mental health and wellness.

Dr. Smedley is often interviewed by the media about issues pertaining to mental health.  She has also engaged in speaking events with agencies such as the USDA, Planned Parenthood, YMCA, and other local community organizations.

Dr. Smedley has offered trainings for community organizations, schools, churches, mental health conferences and other healthcare providers.  Other services include speaking on a panel, serving as a guest lecturer or providing a seminar about mental health concepts, specifically in the context of communities of color, disparities, and wellness.

Examples of past talks include diversity/cultural awareness, misdiagnosis of trauma, general mental health awareness, mental health and the black church, self-care, and leadership/advocacy development. 

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Examples of Past Workshops/Trainings Include:

"Exploring Racial Trauma in Urban Communities"

"Disrupting Racial Inequities in Professional Practice"

"Radical Self-Care and Wellness for BIPoC in the Workplace"

"Racism, Trauma, and Mistrust: Factors Contributing to Health Disparities in African-American Communities"

"Consequences of Race on Underdiagnosed Trauma"

"Healing Emotional Walls" (A Workshop for Black Women, Trauma and Relationships)

Mental Health Symposiums/Workshops for Black Church Communities

Program Evaluation and​ Development

Dr. Smedley has recently joined with a local agency in Washington, DC to provide consultative services as they develop their delivery of psychological services, specifically with victims of crime (trauma) and psychological assessment.